So am i still lying?

Thanks to a reader for asking me this question. Well she didn’t put it like that, lol. She just wanted to kno how im currently doing with my whole truth telling journey. I appreicate the question.

I think Im doing very well. Im quite proud of myself if I must say so. I did slip up last weekend with an ex of mine. She wanted to have one of those lay it all out on the tabe convos that some ex’s have once u feel as if u have gotten to the point where the shit doesnt really matter anymore. (Why talk about it then??? Hmm) I hate those convos. Anyway, so yeah and she asked me a particularly painful question about an awful time in our relationship and i just automatically went to panic mode/damage control. I lied my ass off to her and then felt like shit. I never made it any better either. I told mself that i’ll talk to her this week end so I can shamefully tell her that I lied to her. It will not be fun at all. But I made a promise to myself.

But other than that, yes I am growing. Im managing myself very well and I look forward to even more growth.


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